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Icon in Honor of James Marsters's New Movie Role!


1. No hotlinking, please. Save them to your hard drive, and then upload them to your userpics.
2. Credit "JMthingsarelookingup by dfasgiles" in keywords. Please also put <lj_user=dfasgiles> in the comments field of the userpic (without the underline between "lj" and "user").
3. If you snag my icons, please comment. I'm new at a lot of the techniques I use for the icons I make, so it would really help me to know how I'm doing. Just try to say something constructive if it's negative, please. Thanks!
4. If you want to share these somewhere other than your userpics, please give me the URL, and please credit as "dfasgiles at LiveJournal." Thanks!
5. If you see these shared where they are not credited properly, please let me know. (If it's someone who says, "If anyone knows who made this, please let me know so I can give them proper credit," just tell them, please. They're asking you to help them credit me, and that's great.)
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